Crime Analysis

The mission of the Anderson City Police Department is to serve the public, protect the innocent, and enforce city, state, and federal statutes within the city limits of Anderson, South Carolina. This is accomplished through a comprehensive total quality management process, which emphasizes a team approach geared toward the protection of life, liberty, and property, the preservation of peace and the prevention of crime. Each operational area – uniformed patrol, community patrol, traffic, detectives, and Vice/Narcotics – will work together in a responsible and professional manner in order to promote an environment in which all citizens will be able to live peacefully, work diligently, enjoy recreational activities, and be safe from threat or harm.

Full Year Analysis Report

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Use of Force 2022 -Q1  – Q2 – Q3 – Q4

Use of Force 2022 –Q1  – Q2 – Q3Q4

Use of Force 2021 –Q1 Q2 – Q3 – Q4

Use of Force 2020 – Q1 – Q2 – Q3Q4

Use of Force 2019 – Q1Q2Q3Q4

Use of Force 2019 – Q1 – Q2 – Q3 – Q4

The Anderson Police Department thoroughly documents all instances of Use of Force to Control Active Resistance.

The Policy, Procedures, and Definitions for Reporting Control to Active Resistance is found in General Order 109.7 (E)

Definitions of Force

Use of a police canine will be reported on a special form to capture any form of use whether there is contact with a subject or not.

Use of any chemical agent to overcome subject resistance.

Use of any electronic equipment on a subject being controlled.

Any discharge of a firearm other than at the range or during qualification whether unintentional, for animal dispatch, or whether a subject is hit or not.

Any force used by an officer to compel compliance from a subject in conformance with the officer’s official duties.

Any tools, object or body part to strike a subject.

Use of any part of an officer’s body, such as joint manipulation, leverage, pain compliance, takedown maneuvers or neck restraint holds.

Any time an officer points a firearm at an individual, notwithstanding the fact that deadly force is not ultimately deployed. This does not include drawing a firearm and maintaining at the low ready position.