Detention Division

Commanding Officers

Captain Carla Roberson

Captain Carla Roberson graduated from Daniel High School; she attended Tri County Technical College, where she received her Associate’s in Health Science. After working as a laboratory technician in Anderson, she attended American Intercontinental University, earning her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice- Summa Cum Laude in 2007. Roberson worked for South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services (SCDPPPS) as a probation agent in Anderson County, supervising 135 misdemeanor and felony offenders.

Captain Roberson has been with Anderson Police Department since January 2009, where she started out as a patrol officer. She was promoted to the Criminal Investigations Division later that year due to her experience in investigations and caseload management. She specializes in Criminal Domestic Violence, Violent Crimes Against Women, and Homicide. She has worked with Foothills Alliance, a nonprofit organization aiding sexual assault victims, and served on the Domestic Violence Council with victim advocates, Anderson County Solicitors, Safe Harbor, and citizens. Lt. Roberson works closely with the Victim Advocate to assist victims and ensure they know their rights. She received the Distinguished Leadership Award in May 2016. After four years as Sergeant, she was promoted to Criminal Investigations Lieutenant in 2016. She is now the Captain of the detention Division.

You may contact Captain Carla Roberson at 864-231-2276 or

LT don hodges

Lieutenant Don Hodges Jr.

Lieutenant Don Hodges Jr. started in law enforcement in 1989 with the City of Anderson. He rose to the rank of Patrolman First Class. In 1993 he went to work for the Anderson County  Sheriff’s Office. During his tenure there he worked as a patrol deputy and a K9 handler dealing with the bloodhound program and rose to the rank of Senior Investigator. Lt. Hodges returned to the City of Anderson in 2006. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Anderson University in 2008. After his return to the city, he started as a patrol officer and soon thereafter took on the duties of K9 officer again handling bloodhounds.
He was promoted to patrol Sergeant in 2009 over a patrol shift where he stayed until August of 2012 when he transferred to the Training Division overseeing the training of the Detention Unit but also helping with all forms of training for the entire Police Department. In January of 2017 he was promoted to his current rank of Lieutenant over a patrol shift. In August of 2019 Lt. Hodges was transferred into his current position of Administrative Lieutenant over the Detention Facility.
Lieutenant Hodges can be reached at 864-231-2265 or

Lieutenant Michelle Hamby

Lieutenant Hamby began her career at the Anderson City Detention Center in 2002. Hamby excelled and learned to operate all areas of the facility. Hamby became a Field Training Officer which afforded her the opportunity to train new detention officers. In 2008, Hamby was promoted to Sergeant over one of the detention center’s four shifts in which she supervised five officers. In 2011, Hamby was promoted a Lieutenants position in the facility. She, along with Lieutenant Branyon, supervises four Sergeants and their shift officers as well as day shift personnel. They are responsible for daily operations and administrative duties of the facility.

Lieutenant Hamby can be reached at 864-332-5709 or

Anderson Police Department Detention

Anderson Police Department Detention
The mission of the Anderson City Police Detention Unit is to provide the highest level of public service with regard to the custody and care of inmates. This mission includes but is not limited to these specific points.

• To provide safe secure and sanitary conditions for inmates
• Maintain high standards of ethical conduct
• Maintain a well-trained and professional staff
• Adhere to State standards with regard to the operation of the detention center

The Detention unit is an integral part of the Anderson Police Department. The unit consists of thirty sworn personnel committed to professional public service. The Anderson City Detention unit is equipped with the latest technological advances with regard to the processing, custody and care of inmates including the latest in fingerprinting technology LIVESCAN®. Livescan® Fingerprinting Technology:

Fingerprinting is conducted twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at the City of Anderson Detention Center for criminal purposes. Civil and job application fingerprint requests are conducted Monday through Friday during our regular business hours of 8AM to 5PM for a fee of $10.00. These print requests include, but are not limited to healthcare employment, daycare employment, student teachers, concealed weapon permits, etc. Years ago, the City of Anderson Detention Center employed the use of an inkless fingerprint machine. The LIVESCAN® computer uses a laser to capture a subject’s prints. The computer also informs the operator if the print quality is acceptable for readable standards. 

The LIVESCAN® computer electronically transmits the booking and print records to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), thus eliminating the necessity of mailing paper copies to Columbia. Generally, within minutes a response is received electronically from SLED with identification information. If a subject has been arrested previously, this system will verify the subject’s identity and provide their assigned State Identification Number (SID) to the booking official. The LIVESCAN® computer interfaces with the jail management system, which expedites the subjects/offenders booking time. The print records are also archived in the LIVESCAN® computer and can be recalled and reprinted at any time for future investigations. A portable LIVESCAN® unit has also been employed to handle the civil and job applicant prints. The LIVESCAN® technology has streamlined the booking process, eliminating the use of ink, reducing errors, and the necessity to fingerprint a subject multiple times for one charge.

The Detention unit consists of three primary functions:

  • The city detention block maintains care and custody of Anderson city inmates.
  • The Federal detention block maintains care and custody of inmates for The United States Marshals Service.
  • The transport team is responsible for the safe and secure e escort of city and federal inmates to
  • specific courts and various appointments.

Contact numbers for management or staff:
Captain – 864-332-5722
Administrative Lieutenant – 864-231-2265
Operations Lieutenant – 864-332-5709
Shift Sergeants – 864-231-2277
Fax – 864-332-571 


Commonly Asked Questions - Detention

Currently there are no on-site visits due to COVID-19.

How to use Securus Video Connect – (PDF)

Securus Video Website

Visitation is from 10:00am to 12:00 pm and then from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. There is no visitation between the hours of 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm. You may visit an inmate Monday through Thursday and weekends during these times. There is no visitation on Fridays. Each inmate is allowed one hour of visitation per week and that one hour must be used in the same day. It can not be split up during two or more days. Three adults with picture identifications can split the one hour up and visit during that one hour. Children accompanied by adults are allowed to visit.

One set of keys and one wallet may be taken into the jail while visiting. No purses or bags of any kind are allowed. Cell phones, cigarettes, lighters, weapons of any kind, etc. are considered contraband inside the jail. Anyone caught with contraband in the jail may face prosecution in a court of law.

The Court room is located in the City Hall Complex on John Street. There is a parking lot on John Street where you can park for court and other court business.

Within normal operations, inmates are allowed unlimited 10-minute collect calls between the hours of 7:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. or 12:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. depending on availability and housing location within the facility.

Securus Technologies™ of Dallas, Texas is the telephone provider for all collect calls from the Anderson City Detention Center.  You may set up directly with Securus™ by accessing their website, , by calling 972-734-1111 from a mobile device or 1-800-844-6591 from a landline phone.  Other useful links are, ADVANCECONNECT™ Account/Funding options and for contact information.

Inmate Calling information

Property can be left any time, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Loose leaf writing paper, envelopes, stamps, legal material, eye glasses, and religious material may be left for an inmate. Some of these items can be purchased through commissary account.

Prescription medication may be left for an inmate if it is in the original prescription bottle with the official label. Medical staff will evaluate the medication and dispense based on their assessment. No over the counter medication, creams, etc. are accepted.

Weekend and holiday court are not open to the public. Only those summoned by police, detention staff, or the court office will be allowed into these court sessions. This will occur on an as needed basis such as victims in cases, affiants or witnesses. All exceptions will be at the discretion of the court magistrate.

Inmate Calling Information