Safety and Prevention Tips


It covers the basics and also a number of steps that many people don’t think about after having their phone stolen such as remotely erasing the device or contacting a bank (as many of us now have cards/details stored on our phone).


• Fight identity crime in your area.

• Are your shrubs and bushes within four feet of sidewalks, driveways, doors or gates maintained at a height of no more than four feet?

• Make sure your house number is easily visible from the road. Police, Fire, and EMS will have an easier time finding your residence should you have an emergency.

• Make sure to store bicycles, ladders and lawn mowers inside a building or home.

• Ask the Anderson Police Department to put your house on “Keep Check” while you are out of town on vacation.

• If you exercise by running or walking in the City of Anderson, do you always work out with a partner?

• Always park in a lighted parking lot when you are shopping or conducting business after dark.

• Never leave keys locked inside your car whether they belong to vehicle or not.

• Criminals will break a window out just to get the keys thinking they belong to the vehicle and will then have access to your home or office while stealing your property or the vehicle.