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Our Mission

The mission of the Anderson City Police Department is to serve the public, protect the innocent, and enforce city, state, and federal statutes within the city limits of Anderson, South Carolina. This is accomplished through a comprehensive total quality management process, which emphasizes a team approach geared toward the protection of life, liberty, and property, the preservation of peace and the prevention of crime. Each operational area – uniformed patrol, community patrol, traffic, detectives, and Vice/Narcotics – will work together in a responsible and professional manner in order to promote an environment in which all citizens will be able to live peacefully, work diligently, enjoy recreational activities, and be safe from threat or harm.

Anderson Police Department Strategic Plan – Focus on Four

The City of Anderson Police Department’s jurisdiction serves approximately 27,372 city residents within an area that is approximately 15.3 square miles and contains an estimated 203 miles of linear roadway on 520 streets and roads. As of June 30, 2016, the department consisted of 101 Sworn Police Officers

Chief James S. Stewart

Chief James S. Stewart first entered duty in June 1991. Chief Stewart has served in both the Patrol and Investigative Divisions. He has received training and certifications as a Patrol K-9 Handler, 911 Emergency Dispatcher, Field Training Officer, Domestic Violence Investigator, National Incident Management System, Federal Law Enforcement Training Instructor, Advanced DUI Detection and the Multi Jurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force. He has served in the Patrol Division as a K-9 Handler, and as a Shift Sergeant. Stewart served in the Investigations Division as a Detective Sergeant, in the Patrol Division as Lieutenant over Bravo Shift. Stewart was promoted to Captain over Patrol and was responsible for the administration, management, and daily operations of the four shifts and 50 officers comprising the Patrol Division and Strike Team. Chief Stewart graduated from Anderson College with an Associate of Arts in 1988, Charleston Southern University with a Bachelor of Science in 1990, and some graduate studies at The Citadel. Captain Stewart also graduated from Anderson University Command College with a Master’s Criminal Justice Degree. 

Chief Stewart can be reached at 864-231-2272 or at jstewart@cityofandersonsc.com

Annual Reports

  • 2017 – Police (PDF)
  • 2016 – Police (PDF)
    • 2016 – Police Addendum (PDF)
  • 2015 – Police (PDF)
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Anderson Police Divisions

Commonly Asked Questions

The Anderson Police Department appreciates anyone taking the time to commend an officer. There are
several ways to thank an officer:
Call the Police Department at 231‐2277 and request to speak to the shift supervisor.  
Mail a thank you note to the Office of the Chief at 401 South Main Street Anderson SC 29624.

IA complaint can be filed with Internal Affairs in the following ways:
Go to the Anderson Police Department and request to speak with an internal affairs investigator or the
shift supervisor. Call the Internal Affairs Office at 864‐231‐2288. Write a letter to the attention of either
the Chief of Police or the Internal Affairs Division at Anderson Police Department, 401 South Main
Street, Anderson, SC 29624.

Checking for registered sex offenders in our area is simple. Simply go to SLED’s website at
http://services.sled.sc.gov/SOR/. If you do not have internet access you may contact your local sheriff’s

To find out the status regarding property/evidence you may call 864‐332‐5700

If your car was towed by the City of Anderson you can call the city garage at 864‐231‐2248 to inquire
about the car.

Clicking on Code of Ordinances on the Community tab of the main menu or logging in directly at

or non emergency calls for a specific officer, call dispatch at 864‐231‐2280 and leave a message for the
officer. Each officer can be emailed. You can locate their email addresses by logging in to the city’s
directory at http://www.cityofandersonsc.com/staff-directory. Officer’s schedules vary so
they may not be able to return your call or email immediately.

Always dial 911 for an emergency and give the dispatcher all of the information that is requested such
as your name, address, phone number, nature of crime, persons involved and what type of weapons are
involved. It is very important that you give all of the requested information to the dispatcher as this
makes the police officer more aware of the situation and crime.

The cost to print accident reports is $8.50 each. Please allow up to five business days from date of accident.

You can report a lead or tip on a case to Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC or you may email a tip to
tipline@cityofandersonsc.com or visit the tip line page located in the main menu. You may also contact the Detective handling a criminal investigation by
calling 864‐231‐2277. To leave any narcotics or gang activity tips call 864‐231‐2277 and
leave a message.

Tickets, fines and parking payments are no longer collected at the City of Anderson Police Department.
All payments are now collected at the Anderson City Court Collections Office at the City of Anderson
Municipal Business Center, located at 601 S. Main St. Hours are 8:30 a.m.‐5 p.m., Monday‐Friday. The
phone number for the division is 864‐226‐3403.

The Court room is located in the City Hall Complex on John Street. There is a parking lot on John Street
where you can park for court and other court business.