Records Division

The Records Division is the repository of all Department generated records. Its primary focus is to ensure the integrity of the Department’s records and to maintain these records in a variety of informational systems to be retrieved as needed.

The Records Division provides customer service to the public and police officers by providing information and support services. This includes request for Incident Reports, Traffic Accident Reports, Arrest Reports, Criminal Statistical Reports, Criminal History Check, Taxi Driver Permits, data processing of arrest, traffic citations, traffic accident and incident reports and liaison with the Municipal Court.

All criminal and traffic fines should be paid at 601 South Main Street, the Municipal Business Center.

Record checks are provided through our agency and only covers arrest that have been made by our Department. You must have a signed consent form from the person that the record check is for, or show a photo ID if you are obtaining a check on yourself. The charge for this service is $5.00.

To accomplish the above tasks the Records Division is staffed by four employees and supervised by Captain Robert Rivas. Our staff makes every effort to answer questions and handle request in a timely and courteous manner.

Incident Report Copies – Free to victims; $8.50 for all other parties
Accident Report Copies – Free to involved parties; all others $8.50
Record Checks – $5.00
Taxi Driver Permits – $7.00
Finger Print Cards – $10.00
Other Photo Copies – $8.50
FOIA Hour Rate** – $15.00
FOIA Material Cost per CD** – $0.50/per CD
FOIA Material Cost per Page** – $0.50/Page
FOIA Minimum Charge** – $20.00
Precious Metal Permits – $50.00
Towing Fee – $120.00
Towing Storage Fee*** – $20.00/per Day
Events Permits – $25.00

*Prices subject to change without notice.
**Prices listed for FOIA requests are for requests that meet the $20.00 minimum order. FOIA requests that are estimated to cost $19.99 or less and which do not fall into any of the other categories will be transacted at no cost. If the estimated total cost is $20.00 or more, the fee must be deposited in advance with cashier’s check or money order. Estimates for a request can be provided at no charge.
***Towing Storage Fee- The first day of storage is included in the towing fee.
Note: All fees are in the aggregate. Piece-milling a project will result in charges once the aggregate threshold reaches $20.00.