Safety and Prevention Tips

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Auto Break-In Prevention Tips
Auto Theft Prevention Tips
ATM Safety Tips
Burglary Prevention Tips
Fraud Prevention Tips
Gang Violence Prevention Tips
Hate Crimes Prevention Tips
Home Safety Tips
School Violence Prevention Tips
Shoplifting Prevention Tips
Vacation Checklist

  • Fight identity crime in your area.
  • Are your shrubs and bushes within four feet of sidewalks, driveways, doors or gates maintained at a height of no more than four feet?
  • Make sure your house number is easily visible from the road. Police, Fire, and EMS will have an easier time finding your residence should you have an emergency.
  • Make sure to store bicycles, ladders and lawn mowers inside a building or home.
  • Ask the Anderson Police Department to put your house on “Keep Check” while you are out of town on vacation.
  • If you exercise by running or walking in the City of Anderson, do you always work out with a partner?
  • Always park in a lighted parking lot when you are shopping or conducting business after dark.
  • Never leave keys locked inside your car whether they belong to vehicle or not. Criminals will break a window out just to get the keys thinking they belong to the vehicle and will then have access to your home or office while stealing your property or the vehicle.