SRO impact on Anderson District 5 schools

ANDERSON, SC (WSPA) – With school safety at the top of many peoples minds, this is the first year that all of the Anderson District 5 schools have their own school resource officer.

It was a decision made by the school board last year to dedicate over one million dollars a year to make sure each school from high school down to elementary school have a full-time SRO on campus. Aside from being an armed, trained person on campus, they monitor the security while building relationships with the students.

It’s an investment Superintendent Tom Wilson tells 7News is well worth it.

“It’s the price of doing business, it’s the same reason when you go to the airport all the extra security you see after 9/11, all the extra security you see when you go to a major city like riding the subway in New York,” Wilson said.

As for the potential of arming teachers in the district, Wilson said that is why law enforcement is there to protect so the teachers can focus on teaching.


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