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Remembering Our Fallen Officers

It takes a special person to be a police officer. That person has to be dedicated, brave, and selfless. Each day, an officer places their life on the line when they begin their watch over the community. Those officers don't think about the risk of the job, they think about what the job means to them. That job is to Protect and Serve. To maintain peace in the community is a dangerous job. When an officer loses their life in the line of duty, the community, the department, and the officer's family suffers a tremendous loss.

The City of Anderson Police Department wishes to honor the officers who lost their lives doing what they loved most.

Gibson Patrolman William Gibson (End of Watch: Thursday, August 14, 1924)
While on patrol on a Sunday afternoon, Officer William Gibson's motorcycle collided with a car on East River Street. The resulting impact threw him onto the pavement causing bruises and a broken femur. On August 14, 1924, Officer Gibson died after developing double pneumonia several days after the accident. Anderson City Police officers acted as pall bearers, and city officials formed an official escort to his final resting place at Silver Brook Cemetery. Officer Gibson was survived by a wife and two small children. Gibson was 29 years old.
Sanders Patrolman Willis Edwin Sanders Sr. (End of Watch: Tuesday, April 15, 1947)
On Tuesday April 15, 1947 at 12:45 a.m., Officers Willis "Ed" Sanders and Leroy Faust drove by the Anderson Creamery, and noticed that the back door was ajar. Upon closer investigation, the officers noticed that a window had been forced open. When backup officers arrived, they entered the building. Sanders kick open a supply room door, and the suspect fired several rounds. The first shot hit Sanders, mortally wounding him. The suspect was apprehended and sentenced to death. Officer Sanders left behind a wife and 12-year-old son. When Anderson City citizens heard of Sanders death, a voluntary fund was started in memory of the first Anderson officer to give his life in the protection of property. The money was for the family Sanders left behind. Officer Sanders was 41 years old.
Acker Patrolman William Ligon Acker (End of Watch: Tuesday, December 25, 1956)
On December 25, 1956, Officer William Acker was struck by a car while crossing the street. Officer Acker had been relieved from radio desk duty to take a break. Officer Acker died as a result of the accident. Acker had been a respected member of the Anderson Police Department for 22 years. Acker was survived by a wife and two sons. He was 68 years old.
Sheppard Patrolman Charles Grady Sheppard (End of Watch: Sunday, April 20, 1975)
On April 20, 1975, Officer Charles Sheppard died from injuries sustained as a result of a car wreck days earlier. Officer Sheppard had been with the Anderson City Police Department since 1968. Sheppard received an honorary escort from city officials, the City of Anderson Police and Fire departments, the Anderson County Sheriff's Department, the South Carolina Highway Patrol, and reserve police officers. Officer Sheppard left behind a wife, a son, and a daughter.