Anderson Police respond to an Opioid Overdose

Anderson Police respond to an Opioid Overdose

It is the policy of this Department to provide assistance to any persons(s) who may be suffering from an opioid overdose.  Officers were trained on October 6, 2017, at the Anderson Police Department in accordance with DHEC  and Anderson Police Department General Order 1515 and distributed Naloxone  The officers shall make every reasonable effort to use Naloxone to revive victims of an apparent drug overdose said, Chief Stewart.

The following is excerpt from Officer Charlie Hendrix’s incident report.  4/15/18 2150 – 3812 Liberty Highway

Officers were contacted by Wal-Mart employees who advised that a suspicious male had gone into the restroom and been in there for some time.  Wal-Mart employees went in to check on him they found him passed out and unresponsive in the floor of the bathroom stall. Suspect/Victim had two syringes on the floor next to him and had what appeared to be fresh “Track Marks” on his arm. The Suspect’s actions and evidence at the scene were consistent with someone who was under the influence of narcotics and had overdosed on the narcotics. Lt. Michael Roberson arrived and assessed the situation and contacted Officer Cornelius Pickens to be en-route to the scene to administer Narcan because EMS was still several minutes away. Officer Cornelius Pickens and Officer Hendrix arrived at the incident location. Lt Michael Roberson administered the first dose of Narcan at 2201 hours and Officer Pickens administered the second dose of Narcan at 2203 hours and Suspect/Victim became responsive very quickly. EMS arrived shortly after. The suspect would not admit to drug use and stated that he does not know what happened. The suspect was transported to Anderson Area Medical Center by EMS

This new policy is intended to address one of the responsibilities of all sworn officers, which is to protect the safety and welfare of all persons and the community.  In this regard, officers need to recognize the symptoms that victims who are suffering from an opioid overdose display so as to ensure that fast and effective medical assistance is dispensed. Drug overdoses are a major cause of preventable death in the United States. Increasingly, this includes prescription opioids, along with illegal opiate drugs like heroin. (Opioids are synthetic substances that mimic the narcotic effect of opium, from which heroin is derived) said, Chief Stewart.

A copy of the General Order 1515 is on the police department website.

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