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For non-emergencies, please call the City of Anderson dispatch, (864) 260-4444.

Animal Care

POSTPONED: The Crusiers for K-9s scheduled for October 10, 2015, had to be postponed due to rain. Rescheduling details are to be determined.


The City of Anderson Police Department has issued a warning regarding a telephone scam in which people are being contacted by someone claiming to represent the Anderson Police Department (APD). The offenders told the victims that the APD has a warrant for their arrest and that they can pay the fine over the phone. More


Animal Care

The Anderson City Council approved an ordinance July 8, 2013, that regulates the tethering of pets. These regulations are designed to lessen the improper care, treatment, environment and maintenance of the animals. The provisions of the ordinance can enhance quality of life for animals and citizens. Some of the provisions include:

  • Pets must not be tethered outside, in any fashion, for more than 2 hours.
  • Tether must not be made of chain.
  • Pets must have a supply of fresh water and food.
  • Pets must have proper shelter.
  • Pets must be in visual sight of responsible party.

Violation may result in monetary penalty and/or jail. For questions, please call (864) 260-4444.

Read the full ordinance.


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The cost to print accident reports is $8.50 each. Please allow up to five business days from date of accident.